Zodiac: Capricorn

Rarity: Common


  • Physical- Kick, levels up to Roundhouse
  • Zodiac- Affection
  • Special- Zodiac Weakness

Current Description

Lambos have a sassy attitude and will try to manipulate you with their big, irresistible eyes.

Previous Description

Lambos are perhaps the cutest thing ever, and unfortunately, they know it. They have a sassy atitude and will try to manipulate you with their big irresistible eyes. Capturing and training a Lambo is a good exercise for young tamers to build their skills.

Location: West Summer Road, East Summer Road, Summer Field, Warmwood Trail

Moga Name Change

Previously known as Heart, the Mogadex had hinted at a name change in the old Moga description, but was not fully implemented until early 2011.

Description Changes

As of February 9, 2011 the Mogadex was updated with new features and shorter Moga descriptions.